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Alena Solutions is a digital product studio headquartered in Los Angeles. Our team of experienced product managers, strategists, engineers, and designers takes time to understand your business’s unique needs and challenges. We conceive, design, and build first-class services that help you thrive in a digital world. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes—from early-stage startups to the world’s leading brands—to turn ideas into compelling products and experiences.

Alena Solutions was founded in 2016 by two best friends who were disillusioned with the standard (and broken) relationship between digital product agencies and their clients. The founders knew there must be a better way, so they launched Alena Solutions with the vision of creating engagements that blurred the lines between "studio" and "client" and delivered tangible value to all.

Today we continue working with our partners to launch great products, develop some of our own, and invest in ventures that share our values and vision for the future.



Promote relationships and environments that ensure everyone that comes in contact with Alena Solutions is better off because of it: Our Customers, Employees and the End-Users.

Our Core Values


One team, unified vision


Innovate or die


The truth will set you free


You have to be bold
to lead the way


Set high goals and
achieve them


If it is to be, it’s up to me

Meet Our Founders


Asbed Kassis | CEO

Asbed's passion for technology was one of the main reasons he found himself in California eighteen years ago. His areas of expertise include product management, analytics, quality assurance, and strategic planning.

Asbed has led large and small teams for various engagements, collaborating with groups of varying needs and agendas, consistently delivering projects on time and budget. By offering the ideal blend of a deep understanding of technology and business fundamentals, he brings an inclusive vision, taking into consideration the technological and financial feasibility of business solutions.

Asbed holds a BS in Computer Science from the California State University of Northridge and an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

In his spare time you'll find Asbed gardening, camping or playing soccer.


Alexander Nazarian | CTO

As a technical expert and a team leader, Alex is the bridge between customers who get their quality software delivered on time and programmers who seek to work in a healthy and productive environment, where they thrive to excel.

Alex lives in Yerevan, Armenia. Throughout his 14 year career, he has worked with companies located in North America and Europe and has led the development of various systems and functions such as HR management, aircraft maintenance, and health care service. Those systems were built using different technologies and frameworks.

The challenges he has encountered working in different environments gave him a clear view of the difficulties that both clients and engineers face.

Alex promotes a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy body will help a person maintain a healthy mind, which is the cornerstone in software engineering. That's the only way to divide the complex problems, simplify and conquer!

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