Why Alena Solutions?


Our team has extensive experience and expertise—we understand the product development process in high-growth organizations, incorporate our learnings into every project we touch, and work hard to pass that knowledge on to our clients.


We focus on outcomes—our work provides clear and realistic KPIs to ensure we deliver a positive ROI for every organization we work with.


When you work with Alena Solutions, you should expect not only a quality product, but also a quality experience: professionalism, integrity are core to who we are—when we embark on a new project, we treat you as not just a client, but a partner.

Extensive Network of Partners

From managed services to digital marketing, we’ve got you covered—we make sure that you’re in good hands, even when they’re not ours.

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Some of our Services

We help you get where you need to go, regardless of where you are in your journey: let's make your project a success, whether you're halfway there or have just begun.

Product Strategy

We help you define the right product for the right audience—from MVP to launch, we're here to help.

Process Management

We work with you to upgrade the ways your business does digital and unite everyone to achieve lasting change.

Custom Software

We will work to understand your individual business's needs and then build tools that help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

User Experience

Our approach is rooted in human-centered thinking and serves to glean the insights needed to turn your shared vision into reality.

Mobile Apps

We develop solutions for iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile platforms, each serving specific client needs.

Data Visualization

We work with you to explore your data, identify gaps and improve forecasting abilities to optimize your response to market changes.

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What Our Clients Say



We're in tune with the latest tools and technologies, and leverage the ideal options for our partners. We see technology as essential to ensure your business’s success. That’s why we’re careful in selecting the appropriate technology for every engagement.


We strive for your growth and success

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